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  • Survey Says Americans Want To Bet More
  • Wisconsin Casino Lands Sports Betting Deal
  • FanDuel, MLB Strengthen Relationship

This week’s casino news starts off with FanDuel as the big brand has expanded their partnership with Major League Baseball. We’ve got the details for you in our latest recap of the gaming headlines.

Seton Hall Poll Suggests Growing Interest In Sports Betting

To no one’s surprise, there is growing support for sports betting. A poll by Seton Hall revealed that 54 percent of respondents think that sports betting should currently be legal across the United States. Only 22 percent of them were completely against the possibility. The numbers rose again in favor of sports betting in areas of the poll for casual sports fans and avid sports fans.

All of those numbers have risen in the past year after a similar poll was released at this time in 2022. Non-sports fans in the pool went from 41 percent in favor of the legalization of it this year compared to just 24 percent last year. Clearly, there is a growing outreach to find a way to legalize sports wagering.

These polls also went deeper and revealed that if sports betting were to be legalized, people would be more likely to watch. 77 percent of people who claimed that they had placed a previous wager on a sports event that they are more likely to watch the game unfold wherever they can view it.

Wisconsin Casino Lands Sports Betting Deal

A casino in Wisconsin has officially found their ideal sports betting partner. Potawatomi Casinos and Hotels, which is a multi-property operator in Wisconsin, has announced that they will be signing a partnership with Kambi Group. Kambi Group is a sports betting and odds supplier that is known for providing odds to sportsbooks like UniBet, 888Sports and more. The deal between the two sides is a multi-channel one and should help out the state’s sports betting presence. Wisconsin is one of 33 states that has legalized sports betting.

This agreement will help Potawatomi open up their first sportsbook in the state. As for Kambi, this will be their 22nd in the United States. There are also expected to be additional kiosks placed at a secondary location, which is currently the Carter Hotel and Casino.

Sports betting has been steadily improving in Wisconsin so far. It was introduced towards the end of 2021 and is currently legal only if you’re over the age of 21. Kambi has a great track record in the sports betting world and could help Wisconsin take their offerings to another level in 2023 and beyond.

FanDuel, MLB Bolster Their Gambling Partnership

FanDuel and the MLB have been working together for quite some time and now they’ve extended that partnership. The two sides agreed upon a multi-year partnership a couple of years ago and now that deal has been expanded. FanDuel will now operate as the co-exclusive sports betting partner of the Major League Baseball and will have the ability to use all of the MLB’s branding and logos during marketing campaigns as well. That means you’ll see the logos of FanDuel in baseball and all of the baseball logos – including the teams – in the FanDuel products.

Originally, the two sides FanDuel got together back in 2019 when FanDuel became the official, authorized gaming operator of the MLB. The new part of the deal will see some expansion where now FanDuel is expected to stream what will be their free game of the day on their sportsbook app. Bettors can sit and watch the games right from inside the app. Customers should look out for that when the upcoming 2023 MLB season starts. That will be one of the new features that they’ll be unveiling as part of the partnership, but more is yet to be unveiled.

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