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  • PA, KS Governors Bet On Super Bowl
  • Billy Walters Publishing Sports Betting Book in August
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This week’s casino news starts off with some news on the Super Bowl. The two governors of the two states that participated in the big game placed a bet on it. That goes to show how far sports betting has come in the United States.

Pennsylvania, Kansas Governors Gamble On The Super Bowl

Leaders from two states agreed upon a bet regarding the outcome of the most Super Bowl LVII. Laura Kelly, the governor of Kansas, and Josh Shapiro, the governor of Pennsylvania, decided to agree upon a wager. After all, the Kansas City Chiefs were taking on the Philadelphia Eagles in the biggest NFL game of the season.

The deal was reportedly involving food and not real money. If the Chiefs had won, which they did, Shapiro agreed to send Kelly soft pretzels, cheesesteaks, and mini-Eagles doughnuts. All of which would come from different places in the Philadelphia area. On the flip side, if the Eagles were to have won, Kelly would have to send steak and chocolate-covered sunflower seeds the other direction.

Kelly, in particular, has been crucial in promoting sports betting in Kansas. She was the first person to place a legal sports wager in the area, putting $15 on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl. And lo and behold, that bet actually turned out to be a winning one. Regardless, she’s been a massive contributor to the growing market in Kansas, which is estimated to be netting $10 million annually in revenue. As for Pennsylvania, they have also legalized sports betting. Both governors wanted to bring attention and some action to the biggest football game of the year.

Billy Walters Sports Wagering Book Set To Publish In August

Readers who might be interested in getting to know the sports gambling world might be intrigued to hear about a new book that’s on the way. Legendary bettor Billy Walters announced that he will be publishing a book called Gambler: Secrets From A Life At Risk. The current estimation for when the book is that it will be published is August 15th, 2023.

As of right now, signs point towards the book being a way for Walters to share his secrets regarding the proprietary sports betting system. In other words, the book will be a wonderful learning process for millions of gamblers to improve their skills and while getting a peek inside the world of one of the biggest sharps. Walter will reportedly also detail his relationship with golfer Phil Mickelson in the book.

Aside from gambling, Walters has thrived in other areas as well. As of right now, he currently owns a massive business empire which has him owning 22 car dealerships, seven golf courses, heavy investments in major stocks and much more. It’s good to see that he’s found his way to make that money he made in betting work for him in other areas.

Gannett Finds Sports Gambling Content Partner

Newspaper giant Gannett has finally found themselves a brand-new partner to hit the ground running with in terms of sports betting. Gannett Corporation, the owner of the USA Today brand, just announced a large multi-year agreement with Group. is expected to provide Garnett with content that they have to help further push their market up the rankings.

As it stands, nobody is quite sure what the official terms of this deal are. All that’s known is that Gannett has an audience of at least 47 million sports fans and that they are looking to capitalize on that exposure with more analytics and content.

Both sides are confident in the deal that they currently have in place with each side already mentioning how great past media partnerships have been. The two are planning to put together phenomenal content for their audiences to give them the best experience possible given an ever-growing number of online bettors in the United States. There might also be some affiliate deals in the making where Gannett can capitalize a bit better off of their audience.

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