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  • Colorado says no to WWE betting
  • Wheel of Fortune iCasino heading to New Jersey
  • J&J Gaming, Golden Entertainment Reach Deal

This week’s casino news starts off with a follow up on the WWE’s attempt to push for regulators to allow betting on their entertainment product. For now, it still seems like various states haven’t warmed up to the idea just yet.

Colorado Refutes Report Regarding Gambling On WWE Matches

It certainly looks like there won’t be legalized gambling on WWE matches in Colorado after all.

There were headlines last week that the WWE is in talks with certain gaming regulators to allow betting on wrestling. Colorado was one of the states that was rumored to be in the report. The state has now refuted the report, stating they are not considering regulated gambling on WWE matches. Although WWE matches are scripted, betting on WWE offshore is commonplace. Also, betting on events like the Oscars is also permitted, so the WWE might have a case.

CNBC published a story that the WWE is looking to make a push into gambling as it will help build interest in the product. They believe that they can convince regulators that it should be regulated and allowed to the public. Like betting on the Oscars, they’re making the case that there is no chance that the public is going to be able to learn of the script ahead of time. As a matter of fact, the same accounting firm that has helped keep the Academy Awards is partnering with the WWE.

As it stands right now, Colorado doesn’t appear to want this in any way. However, the WWE has been pushing to get this done in Michigan as well, a state that hasn’t responded to the report at all. It seems like eventually, betting on WWE will be allowed but right now, there is a big stigma against it.

New Jersey Releases Wheel Of Fortune iCasino

Fans of the popular Wheel of Fortune slot got some great news. It was announced this week that BetMGM has launched a Wheel of Fortune Online casino in the state of New Jersey. They were working alongside IGT to help make this the very first brand-led online casino throughout the United States. MGM is also very active in the state of Michigan but as of now, they don’t appear to have plans of bringing this game to the casino there.

Wheel of Fortune just premiered their 40th season, making this perfect timing for a brand-new themed casino. After all, the game has been featured on a number of slot machines for years now. It’s one of the most generous slots as players in the news frequently seem to pick up winnings in the millions.

In a press conference this week, IGT highlighted that Wheel of Fortune slot machines are also one of the most successful themes that have ever been created. Now more fans of the game will have access to it as they’ll be able to play from wherever they are in the Garden State.

Golden Entertainment Comes To A Deal With J&J Gaming

Golden Entertainment has been looking to sell their gaming operations and it looks like they finally found a deal. It was reported this week that the company is going to be selling all of their gaming operations throughout the states of Nevada and Montana to J&J Gaming. The deal is supposed to net Golden Entertainment a total of $322.5 million on top of an extra $39 million at closing.

J&J Gaming will also be inking a partnership alongside Golden Entertainment, which is set to span the next five years. J&J is going to be supporting all of Golden’s gaming operations at branded tavern locations in Nevada.

The deal and separate partnership isn’t finalized just yet. The expectation currently is that the ink will be dry by the end of the year 2023 as it still needs to go through regulation approvals and other hoops.

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